Modern Dance at UNESCO

Modern Dance at UNESCO

Modern Dance at UNESCO, © Thierry Olivier

30.11.2023 - Press release

The German Permanent Delegation organised a modern dance performance at UNESCO headquarters on 30th November 2023. In 2022, UNESCO recognised the “practice of modern dance in Germany” as intangible cultural heritage of humanity. Ambassador Kerstin Pürschel and the Assistant Director-General for Culture, Mr Ernesto Ottone, acknowledged modern dance as a creative form of expression, which radically changed dancing at the beginning of the 20th century and which has an important impact on stage and dance education today.

Under the direction of choreographer and dance teacher Mrs Cornelia Widmer, the dance company ForumTanz interpreted the pieces of “Matière vivante” and “Poème silencieux” from Jules Massenet accompanied by music.

The event ended with an interactive improvisation with the public followed by a reception at the UNESCO restaurant.

Further information: https://www.forumtanz.info/

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